Reach Out

Hey Friends!

So first, let me say I’m beyond thrilled you found this little corner of the internet – I’m totally new to the game and not even really sure blogs are still relevant in a world where you can learn your Hogwarts house and how to make a holiday wreathe of homemade lasagna on the same site in, like, five minutes. (That site is Buzzfeed and it’s obviously THE SHIZ, go there next.) The reason I’m carving out this little blog presence is because honestly my heart has been craving a space where I can be real about my faith and my life of traveling without falling into the unconscious pattern of social media competition for the most picture or seemingly joy-filled life. Anyone feel me?

AND let’s be honest, new friends are the bee’s knees. So welcome to Wonder Wander and thanks for reaching out! Have any travel recs? Need a friend to grab pho or tacos with? Appreciate the crap out of Hillsong lyrics with? Maybe you just need prayer over something or would love to hear you’re not the only one struggling. Awesome. Let’s do life together, yeah?

Shoot me an email @ wonderwander120@gmail or message me here below!


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